We believe that the safety of our employees and customers is of critical importance, and a commitment to safety is a core value of Freedom Aviation. We strive for a strong safety culture as we pursue both excellence and professionalism.

Our safety reporting system is available to both customers and employees. It offers the ability to report anything you witness or experience that may be inconsistent with our safety standards, whether it be in flight, during ground operations or an observation on the airport ramp. You can chose to remain anonymous during the completion of the form. The more information you can provide about the issue, the better we can help to address it.

Freedom Aviation highly encourages our employees to report any hazards or safety concerns through their supervisor and/or through the online safety reporting system. Safety reports are sent directly to the Director of Safety, are taken seriously by leadership, and are kept strictly confidential unless marked otherwise. No safety report will result in retaliation or punishment.


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