Flight Training

Freedom Aviation has coupled with the Liberty University School of Aeronautics to create one of the largest aviation programs for Part 61 & Part 141 flight training in the country. A federally approved premier flight school for pilot training with a selection of the best training aircraft and certified instructors are all available at Freedom Aviation's Jet Center in Lynchburg, VA.

Freedom Aviation provides personalized flight training by paying attention to your goals and desires. We have the largest fleet of world class training aircraft in Central Virginia. All of our Certified Flight Instructors are Professional Aviators.

Have you always dreamed of breaking the bounds of earth? You are in luck! Our innovative Part 61 Flight School utilizes the Cessna Pilot Center and its' one of a kind Computer Based Training can help you achieve your dreams of flight. Learning to fly at a Cessna Certified Pilot Center (CPC) will give you more for your money than anywhere else! We offer the following ratings.

Private Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating
Commercial Certificate
Flight Instructor Certificate
Multi Engine Training
Complex Endorsement

Not quite sure what being a pilot really involves, or interested in a plane ride in the passenger's seat? Contact us today about Discovery Flights and Aerial Tours!! Be sure to check out our brochures below for more information!

Contact: CPC Front Desk

(434) 582-3060 / pilotstore@flyfreedomaviation.com


Cessna Pilot Center Brochure
If your goal is to become a professional aviator for the airlines, military, or corporate aviation with a degree, Ben can also direct you to the Liberty University School of Aeronautics Part 141 Program.